Data Protection Information

You may use the present information about data protection for learning about how we at Fincento collect and use personal data within the scope of our work and what we do to provide personal data protection.

This information applies to you if we have your personal data at our disposal within the framework of our regular operations, for example, you are our customer.

1. Executor in charge for personal data protection

Platform “FINCENTO” (hereinafter – “Fincento”).


2. What personal data do we process within the framework of our operations?

Personal data - name, surname, personal ID Code, birth data, etc.;

Contact data - telephone number, e-mail address;

Incoming and outgoing e-mail exchange - communication with partners, customers.

It should be noted that not all the above listed types of data are applicable to processing of data of all persons.

3. For what purpose and on which basis does FINCENTO process personal data?

Personal data processing is performed for various purposes and every data processing for any purpose is performed by following valid laws and regulations. Your personal data processing by FINCENTO is based on the below described principles for processing of various types of data.

Data processing necessary for performance of cooperation agreements: on the basis of these rights we process your data if this is necessary for performance of the agreement signed with you or for preceding processes necessary for its signing. Data categories: personal data, contact data.

Data processing necessary for performance of FINCENTO obligations: accounting processes (including storing of accounting source documents); notification of violations related to personal data to relevant state authorities and the data subject; response to information inquiries of state administration institutions and state authorities. Data categories: personal data, contact data.

Data processing according to FINCENTO legitimate interest: this is needed for developing our cooperation with partners, members, personnel, etc., to protect our property, our customers and employees; to adopt operation related decisions by collecting statistics; to provide work organisation and its efficient processes in compliance with relevant regulatory documents. As data processing according to our legitimate interest is not performed in compliance with the legislation or by asking your consent, you have the right to ask clarifications from us and to submit claims in you find out that processing of your data for the above purposes violates your rights. Personal data categories: personal data, contact data, cooperation data.

Marketing activities, the so called marketing profile development process: we may process your data for marketing purposes by using various data processing technologies which allow us using either mathematic analysis, statistics or other methods, developing marketing strategies, explaining regularities and performing marketing analysis for product development and work organisation. Personal data categories: personal data, contact data.

In addition to the above referred purposes, according to legitimate interests, we may process data also for other purposes, however, this is always done in compliance with the work process and the necessity to develop it.

4. Who else processes your data in cooperation with us?

Within FINCENTO your personal data are only accessible to the employees who need these data for successful performance of their official duties and assignments. Outside FINCENTO the access to your personal data is very restricted for only below described specific cases and in cases when processing of such personal data is necessary.

For example, entities who offer services to us: Your data are accessible to entities who offer services to us (the list is not exhaustive and periodically we order services in new fields): economic software, IT and telecommunication management and technical maintenance, e-mail service maintenance, network management, development of analysis software of audit, legal, data analysis. State administration institutions and state authorities (for example, the police, court, emergency services, etc.): we will provide your data only in cases provided by the law and if FINCENTO receives a relevant legally substantiated and legitimate inquiry.

FINCENTO does not transfer your personal data to third parties outside the European Economic Area or countries where the decision on data protection compliance is not adopted according to Article 25.6 of Directive 95/46/EC or its authorities according to Article 45.1 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

5. How long do we store data?

FINCENTO stores your data for a time period during which we are obliged to do it according to the law or during which it is necessary in order to implement the purposes defined in the present privacy notice.

In order to receive more information on the term of storing personal data in the cases you are interested in, your submit a relevant inquiry to the e-mail address

6. Data security

FINCENTO has approved necessary legal, organisational, physical and technical security measures for protecting your personal information. Functions and profiles are defined for all IT system users; it is secured that access rights are closed at the moment when an employee or a responsible entity no longer cooperates with FINCENTO. If FINCENTO uses outsourced service providers who process your data, we sign a data processing and protection agreement with such entities obliging the service provider: a) to implement relevant measures for protecting data confidentiality and security and b) to process personal data in compliance with applicable legislation.

7. Your rights in relation to personal data

You have the right to know what personal data about you have been processed by us, for what purpose we process them, to whom these data are revealed; how long they are stored; what rights you have regarding data correction, deletion and processing restriction. In order for FINCENTO to be able to answer you, FINCENTO needs to identify you first in order to prevent provision of information to a non-authorised person. FINCENTO has the right to answer your questions within 30 days.

You have the right to request correction of your data if they are inaccurate or incomplete.

In specific cases you also have the right to request us to delete your personal data; for example, this applies to cases when we process your data for purpose of personal interest or according to your consent.

Also, in specific cases you have the right to cancel or restrict processing of your personal data for a particular time period (for example, if you have submitted complaints regarding processing of your data).

Upon receipt of objections, FINCENTO suspends processing of your data except if we can prove that your personal data are processed due to a substantiated reason.

If you would like to use any of your above listed rights, we kindly ask to contact us by using the e-mail address

8. Right to lodge a complaint

If you would like to have additional information in relation to your personal data or protection of rights, you are welcome to contact us by using the e-mail address

If you consider that processing of your personal data contradicts the requirements of the General Personal Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to contact a relevant state authority or court for protecting your rights and interests.