The services provided by this website/company carry a certain level of risk and can result in the loss of your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Please ensure you read our terms and conditions before making any operations. Under no circumstances the company has any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damage caused by operations on this website. "Fincento" nor its agents or partners are not registered and do not provide any services on the territory of USA. "Fincento" is not providing any consulting services and not anyhow encouraging the client to make transactions.

The Website and Content may be available in multiple languages. The English version is the original version and the only one binding on "Fincento"; it shall prevail on any other version in case of discrepancy. "Fincento" shall not be responsible for any erroneous, inadequate, or misleading translations from the original version into other languages.

"Fincento" as the Company offers access to its web page and use related services by any individual or corporate entity (hereinafter referred to as the Client in both cases) according to the procedure and on the terms and conditions described in this Agreement.

The Agreement of cooperation with the Client becomes effective as of the date when the Client has registered online and transferred the desired amount and type of funds to the account(s)/ wallet(s) held by the Client at the Company. Activation of the Agreement means Client’s acceptance of these General Terms & Conditions.

1. Procedures

The Company has the right to close/cancel Client's registration and account/wallet, if the registration existed for more than 60 calendar days and no activity has been performed by the Client.

In certain cases, and considering that third parties, i.e., payment service providers, are involved in funds transfers, e.g., payment institutions, banks, etc., the fund transfer may take up to 7 banking days. The Company has the right to hold the funds transferred up to thirty business days, before using them for the designated purpose, previously having notified the Client, in case of due diligence checking requirements. Funding can be performed either by currency or by cryptocurrency.

When performing the funding, the Client shall use the Company’s current banking or electronic wallet details, received at the Company’s website or other official means only and effective on the payment date. Current banking details mean details received within 24 (twenty four) hours prior to payment. The Company cannot be held responsible for the funds which the Client transferred using banking details different from current, and does not offer investigation and refund of Client’s payment and cannot credit these funds to Client’s balance.

Funding by using third person's funds is prohibited.

As a result of providing the funding the Client obtains legal right to perform cryptocurrency related operations within the system of the Company.

2. Responsibilities of Customer and Company

The Client is notified and agrees that the Company cannot be held liable for Client’s actions or non-actions during operations. Responsibility for trading account/wallet monitoring is the Client’s own duty.

Company reserves the right to amend this Agreement notifying the Client about it at least 2 business days prior to the effective date of these amendments. Posting the relevant information on the main page of the website of the company for the period of at least 2 days is also considered as notification. The Client undertakes to consult and review regularly the Company website to be timely informed about any changes in respect of this Agreement and the Services in particular. The Company has the right to change the domain name of it's website to another one, without changing essential features and characteristics of the Client’s registration and business involved in.

All rights and obligations of the Company and the Client represent a bilateral commitment.

Company cannot be held responsible for non-fulfillment of any obligations involving quality of online communication of information to the Client terminal or use of information, software, and interfaces of websites which do not belong to the Company.

Client realizes that any market recommendations and information communicated to the Client by the Company, its representatives, or third parties do not constitute as an offer to make any operation/transaction.

Client realizes that:

a) Any payments which Client makes using the banking details received earlier than 24 hours prior to the payment execution time or not at the appropriate sections of the Company website, which differ from the Company’s current banking details do not entail the Company’s liability or obligations concerning investigation, refund or other operation. The Company has the right to perform unilateral cancellation of cooperation with the Client instantly in case of information received from the Company’s security service about Client’s funds due diligence issues.

b) Any actions committed by the Client or third parties (by Client’s fault or with Client’s participation), which destabilize the Company’s business or performance of the Company’s services, equipment, or software may result in the Company’s refusal of servicing the Client and cancellation of registration. Company also may reject such Client’s new registration in the future.

c) Persons under 18 years of age can not use the services of the Company.

The Client declares and guarantees that:

- he/she is sane,
- his/her age is minimum 18 years old,
- information which Client provided to the Company is true and correct,
- he/she shall notify the Company about any and all changes in this information within one day after the change took place,
- he/she carries complete risk and is fully aware about all funds deposited, investments made and currency/cryptocurrency transferred in whatsoever connection with the Company and he/she will not make any claims against the Company in any way whatsoever,
- the e-mail address used by the Client is not in use by anyone else. Any and all notices, requests, complaints, and information received from the registered Client’s e-mail address are considered as sent by the Client.

The Company may request from the Client a confirmation of accuracy of the personal account data for a due diligence and in the event of a withdrawal request. Company may request a notarized copy of the Client’s ID and the document proving his place of residence. Inability to provide requested documents may result in the Company’s refusal of servicing the Client. Same conditions relate to the relevant documentation of incorporation in case the Client is a legal entity. Company must notify the Client about the reasons for the above decision, in case such takes place. Company also may reject such Client’s new registration in the future.

Client agrees to provide all documents and notices, notarize documents, and take all other actions which the Company may request in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering Policy of the Company.

In case of double registration of the same Client, the Company has the right to cancel duplicated registrations. Any duplicated registrations may be frozen for investigation purposes.

The Client by starting the cooperation with the Company agrees that the Client’s identification data submitted by the Client to the Company will be handled by the Company.

3. Customer risk notice

Client understands that the risk of suffering losses may be quite significant. Client should analyze his financial capabilities before engaging in operations.

Client realizes that he may completely lose his all initial funds and any additional funds used when cooperating with the Company. The Company serves as intermediary service provider only, therefore the Company is never responsible for the Client’s investment, purchase/sale or any other transaction success level, profit or loss.

Client agrees that the company cannot be held responsible for Client’s losses caused, directly or indirectly, by the government restrictions, restrictions of foreign exchange or market rules, suspension of business, military operations, or other conditions usually called the ‘force majeure circumstances’ which lie beyond the Company’s control.

Client bears full responsibility for the risks associated with the storage of his/her's registration and access data, and must ensure that third parties cannot access those. Client’s losses and risks associated with the above impose no obligations on the Company, other than to provide new access data to the Client after a new identification procedure.

4. Terms of transactions

Company may decline the Clients’ request to make an operation. Company is a technical intermediary service provider, thus arranging the execution of transactions and not being responsible in any manner for the financial positive or negative result of those performed by the Client.

Company may suspend Client's operations for the following reasons: failures on part of Internet access providers, failures in information flows, hacker attacks, and other illegal actions against the Company’s servers and equipment, force majeure circumstances, and suspension of business which concerns the Company.

In case the Client has not performed the transfer of the installment of funds according to the conditions of the invoice(s) and/or other payment request(s) issued, the Company may unilaterally cancel any cooperation with the Client and all previous communications and agreements are null and void.

5. Disputes, complaints and inquiries

The parties will try to settle all disputes by negotiation. The Company may accept Client’s complaints for review, if these complaints were expressed in writing and received within two calendar days after the dispute reason occurrence date.

Client’s inquiries will be considered as official and treated, if these inquiries were placed and received by the Company via the Company’s website interface, by e-mail sent to the addresses of the Company’s corresponding services. Inquiries placed using online communication programs, such as Skype or similar, cannot be considered as official.

The Company will review Client’s complaints within thirty business days after receiving from the Client all necessary and sufficient information which concerns this complaint.

In the event of disagreements concerning Client’s operations or the state of his trading account/wallet, the parties will review the protocols of Client’s operations using Company’s data.

If the Client will breach any of the above paragraphs, the Company reserves the right to restrict the Client access to its services.

In the case of a failure to reach an agreement through negotiations and correspondence within 3 (three) months from the date of the initiation of a dispute, the further consideration of it will be directed towards the adjudication in accordance with international laws.

6. Know your customer

The Company has the right to request the customer to confirm his identity and information provided upon registration. At any time Client may be asked to provide an electronic copy, certified copy or notarized copy of a passport or relevant corporate documentation of the Client is a legal entity (at the discretion of the Company).

In the case customer registration data (name, address or telephone number) have changed, the customer shall immediately notify the Company’s customer service asking to change the data.

Customer is responsible for the authenticity of submitted documents (copies) and recognizes the right of the Company, in case of doubt about their authenticity, to contact authorities of the issuer of the document to verify its authenticity and if it detects a falsification of the document, Company has the right to place the Client's funds and registration on hold and conduct an investigation.

7. Communicating with Clients

The Company may communicate with the Client by using:

- E-mail address provided by the Client
- Phone number provided by the Client
- Postal address provided by the Client
- Company’s web site

The Company will use the details specified by the customer provided upon registration. Client must immediately notify the Company of any changes in contact information.

Any correspondence (documents, announcements, notifications, confirmations, reports, etc.) will be considered as received by the Client:

- after one hour after sending to Client’s e-mail address
- Immediately after the telephone conversation with the Client
- after one day after placing announcement in the Company website.

8. Termination of the agreement

This agreement may terminated if following occurs:

- In the case of expression of the wish by one of the parties to terminate this Agreement and bilaterally agreeing to do so;
- In case of breach by the Client the terms specified in the Agreement, the Company may terminate this Agreement unilaterally by notifying the customer of such termination.

Customer agrees that the Company reserves the right at its sole discretion, suspend or discontinue all or part of the Client’s access the services by an appropriate notice by means of communication.

9. Anti-Money Laundering Procedures

No person shall abuse this site for the purpose of money laundering. "Fincento" may employ best-practice anti-money laundering (AML) procedures. "Fincento" reserves the right to refuse to do business with, to discontinue to do business with, and to reverse the transactions of, clients who do not accept or conform to the AML requirements and policies listed in a separate document available on the website of the Company.

• Clients must provide all requested information upon registration.
• Only one registration is allowed per person or legal entity.
• "Fincento" may, from time to time, at its sole discretion, require a client to provide additional proof of identity such as notarized copy of passport or other means of identity verification as it deems required under the circumstances and may at its sole discretion suspend cooperation with a Client until such proof has been provided to its satisfaction.

Any suspicious or fraudulent transactions will be immediately reported to the relevant authorities.

10. Cancellation Policy and Replacement of Client

"Fincento" reserves the right in its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel services, and/or refuse to distribute profits to any person for legitimate reasons, including, without limitation:

if "Fincento" has reason to believe that a Client's activities may be illegal;

if "Fincento" may be harmed by any fiscal or pecuniary damage due to anyone’s activities;

if "Fincento" consider that one or more operations of a Client were made in violation of this Agreement;

if client has failed to provide "Fincento" with the Know Your Client (KYC) documents.

The Client has the right to replace himself/herself with his/her successor (heir) according to a testament (will) or according to applicable law. In order for the Company to approve such replacement, the Company shall be informed according to the terms of this Agreement either in advance by the Client, or by the successor (heir) no later than one month from the day when the successor’s (heir’s) legal rights have entered into legal force. If this condition is not met, the Company has the right to refuse the replacement in which case the Client’s shall be considered terminated without any right of claim and/or objection towards the Company.


Headings and notes in this document are for reference only and shall not affect the contents and interpretation of the document.

In this document references to any law shall include references to any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof or to any regulation or order made under such law, statute or enactment.

Please note that despite taking reasonable steps to obtaining best possible results for Clients, the Company is unable to guarantee, when executing projects, that the profits offered will be more favorable than might be available elsewhere.

Under certain trading conditions, the Client should note that it may be impossible to execute an Order at their requested price. In such cases the Company reserves the right to execute the Order at the first available price. Such instances may occur during times of high market volatility and price fluctuations e.g. when the price of an asset rises or falls in one trading session to such an extent that, under the rules of the relevant exchange, trading is suspended or restricted.

In certain circumstances (such as increased volatility or non-liquidity in relation to the underlying project(s) concerned) the Company reserves the right to alter the profits offered.

The Company reserves the right to, at any time, apply additional charges in the future with prior notice to the Client. Such notice may be sent personally to the Client and/or posted on the Company’s website. Should the Company at any period of time decide not to charge any costs, it shall not be construed as a waiver of its rights to apply them in the future.